Nowadays Pertegaz drinks from his glorious past to face a future in which the master’s legacy is enduring and more current than ever.

A present with a view to the past but very contemporary, for a woman of the 21st century. It is nothing else than a new stage for a brand that remains absolutely alive and today more than ever thinks about the woman of her time, her priorities and her lifestyle.

Our philosophy is that of “matte luxury”, to which those who really feel and appreciate fashion aspire, without falling into superficiality or sensationalism.

We understand fashion in the same way that Manuel Pertegaz felt it, as a discipline in line with art, culture, music, the avant-garde and the intellectuality. We face the future with the certainty of doing it as the master would do it today, fleeing from ostentation and always thinking about women.

The designer Jorge Vázquez is currently the Creative Director of Pertegaz’s prét-à-porter for women, and his collections for the house have been presented within the framework of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.